Bulk SMS service for Charities, NGOs & Community Groups

NGOs, Trust, Charities are established to assist people who are in need and want help. This might be charity organizations, NGOs or Trusts usually set up by individuals, group of individuals or businesses and are funded by the business, the person(s) or financial institutions.

There are lot of NGOs, Charities, Trust and Community Groups who are doing commendable work but it is unfortunate that the people who mostly need their help are unaware of these organizations.

The reason is that NGOs, Trust, Charities and Community Groups don’t promote their works to make others aware of their services. Using DIGINTRA SMS Service, each & every NGOs, Charities and Community Groups can establish effective communication with other people and at the same time inform and make them aware of their presence.

Nowadays many NGOs, Charities, Trusts are choosing SMS messaging to improve their operational efficiency and create more awareness like NGOs and Community Groups organizes seminars and trainings occasionally to educate the public of some major affairs of the organization and equally on what they need.

These seminars are usually without charge, and the NGOs can organize such seminars with the use of bulk SMS in creating awareness.

How can Charities, NGOs and Non Profit Organizations Use the DIGINTRA SMS Platform?

Using DIGINTRA SMS Platform, NGOs, Charities and Non Profit Organizations can raise awareness about the constant struggle that charities, NGOs face, encourage people to donate by sending text messages.

Fundraiser Promotions.
Use the DIGINTRA bulk SMS platform to raise awareness, to promote upcoming events and to announce public meetings or fundraising activities. Don’t forget to follow-up with essential information, such as dates and times.
Ex: “Dear Shyam, This Diwali bring a smile on the children’s face by donating at Child Care NGO. Remember your little donation can save a child’s life.”

Create social awareness.
With the help of SMS messaging you can inform others about the social issues our country is facing and urge people to come forward and support the underprivileged sections of the society.

Make Donation Easy Programs.
One of the most important uses of SMS messaging for charities, NGOs and Community Groups is the SMS Donation.

Send “Thank You” Messages to Donor.
It’s important to show your appreciation for your supporters’ efforts. This strategy is extremely easy to implement via SMS and it will mean the world to your volunteers and donors.
Ex: “Dear Mrs. Shilpa, Thank you for your generosity. Your donation helped us to achieve our fund raising goal for our new school/other project.”

Enagage more People via Voting & Quizzes.
Make your supporters feel even more special by involving them in your non-profit’s activities. You can quickly launch SMS quizzes and polls to find out what your supporters are thinking about or what their desires are. The results you obtain can be used to plan future fundraisers and events.

Share Links to Online Fundraising Pages.
With the DIGINTRA bulk SMS services, sending information is now at your finger tips. By setting up an online fundraising page, you make the process of donating to your charity easy. You can make it even easier by actively promoting the crowdfunding campaign through all your channels, including via bulk SMS.

Important Awareness Notice: Be Aware, do not be fooled by Fake SMS companies. It is found that many new companies and some old companies are selling SMS @ Very low cost which is below the industry standard, in this regard we will like to reveal the exact trap behind these companies.

Delivery Cut off System: If you bought 1 Lac or 2 Lac SMS at 5 paisa, 6 paisa, 7 paisa and when you send 1 Lac SMS or any bulk quantity from their portal then they will submit only 40-60% (or less) to the SMSC for delivery and they also update fake delivery reports. Regarding this we humbly request you to please stay away from such companies and do not compare them with any reputed companies like us as we at DIGINTRA are distinctly a head from them. We always committed to provide Industry Best service and support with the competitive and lowest possible price.

DIGINTRA provide SMS platform that can effectively be used for this purpose. You can sign up an account right away if you do not have one. There are free SMS units up for grabs.

Are there other areas NGOs, Charities and Communities Group can use bulk SMS service which we’ve omitted, share your contributions in the comment box below.