How Bulk SMS can be used in the Education sector?

SMS messaging is quickly turning into the most important marketing tools for an advertiser. This is likely because of its instant deliverability, high open and response rates, precise and to the point informing, and general reliability. In recent years, Bulk SMS has further increased the capacity of bulk text messaging by allowing us to easily send a large number of SMS messaging to the intended recipients and feel confident that these messages are read.

“Communication is the key to run any successful educational institution”

The advantages of Bulk SMS also apply to Schools, Colleges, Coaching Institutes, Training centers, Educational NGO and Universities to develop classroom interaction and also provide the opportunity to create a virtual community for teachers and pupils to communicate, both amongst themselves and with each other.

Why Education sector need bulk SMS?

Use DIGINTRA bulk SMS to send information about exam schedules, reading material, meeting invites to students, parents and staff. Bulk SMS messaging is a great way to build relationships with students, parents, and members of staff.

Here are several ways to leverage SMS ‘s if you’re involved in the education sector.

    1. Holiday alerts with regards to closure on account of emergency or weather changes can be made instantly.
    2.  Remind parents of upcoming events.
    3.  Information regarding PTM (Parents Teacher Meetings).
    4.  Admission procedures with deadlines for application submission can be posted instantly.
    5.  Daily attendance / monthly attendance intimations.
    6.  School Transport intimation to Transport availing kids.
    7.  Festivals Wishes in bulk or individual.
    8.  Share personalized information with your students and teachers at one go like exam score, class assignment etc.
    9.  Send alerts likes birthday wishes, payment reminders and other notifications.
      Ex: Dear Parent’s, Fee for your ward, for the month of X XXis due; please clear the fee before xx/xx/xxx. Thank you!”

Why DIGINTRA is the best SMS service provider for Education sector?

Our robust panel will make your bulk SMS messaging campaign more effective. DIGINTRA provides the best bulk SMS service and easiest platform to send your campaign.

1. It is the most affordable bulk SMS service provider in India.

2. You can add contacts in form of .csv .text etc.

3. The user dashboard is simple and user-friendly.

4. In addition to promotional and transactional routes, DIGINTRA has introduced a new route named as SMART SMS.

Important Awareness Notice: Be Aware, do not be fooled by Fake SMS companies. It is found that many new companies and some old companies are selling SMS @ Very low cost which is below the industry standard, in this regard we will like to reveal the exact trap behind these companies.

Delivery Cut off System: If you bought 1 Lac or 2 Lac SMS at 5 paisa, 6 paisa, 7 paisa and when you send 1 Lac SMS or any bulk quantity from their portal then they will submit only 40-60% (or less) to the SMSC for delivery and they also update fake delivery reports. Regarding this we humbly request you to please stay away from such companies and do not compare them with any reputed companies as we at DIGINTRA are distinctly a head from them. We always committed to provide Industry Best service and support with the competitive and lowest possible price.


So, Have you admired by these methods of using SMS for the education industry? These are just a few out of many ways to use bulk SMS for education sector. We can’t include all of them but these are best out of them and will help you out in better communication…