How to use Bulk SMS for Lead Generation?

SMS blasting is an ideal way to generate leads for businesses and is a great way to succeed one’s business; be it either small business or a Enterprise company. It can be an easier way to collect information than asking users to fill out online forms.

Startups, & companies that are looking for the perfect opportunity to up their marketing and brand awareness need to think about adding bulk text messaging to their marketing mix for a perfect combo.

“Bulk SMS Is Not Just An Engagement Channel, But A Great Marketing Channel For Lead Generation”

Believe it or not, but in today’s era, bulk messaging can provide you the competitive edge you need to make your business a success. SMS messaging is the fastest means of communication between you and your client. It will help you connect with million’s of people with just DIGINTRA SMS platform.

Text messaging between businesses or brands and customers are extremely effective. Why? The reasons are provided below:
      1. SMS is a direct and immediate message delivery channel. 95%++ of text messages are read within three minutes. This is a super easy and speedy way to reach large number of audience in a single click.
      2. SMS messages are simple, short and have a high conversion rate.
      3. Receive quick feedback (Survey Form) from B2B customers with the help of SMS. A feedback received in time greatly helps in improving the quality of the products and services.
      4. Do not over-commercialize your messages. Make it super easy for the users to opt-in and opt-out.
      5. Provide value from your message. Do not send messages only to irritate the prospects. Send less but deliver the value with every message.
      6. Optimize your call to action and provide your business phone number so that the prospect can instantly call you.
      7. The biggest advantage offered by SMS marketing for B2B businesses is that your messages are not filtered out by the SPAM filter. This is the most annoying aspect of email marketing. But, in the case of SMS marketing, you remain assure that your message will definitely reach the prospects leading to greater chances of lead conversion.


Text messaging is also used as a medium to engage your new or loyal customers. The many ways in which text message can be used to engage your audience is:

      1. Sending them updates about your product or news.
      2. Updating them with a new offers or promotion that your business has come up with.
      3. During Emergency, SMS messaging is one of the quickest ways to communicate with your audience and helps maintain your brand’s authenticity.
      4. Offering customer support via SMS messaging helps customer stay updated with their order status, order delivery or order payment.
Tips for Using Bulk SMS Marketing to Increase Lead Generation immediately

Lead generation is an important element of marketing because it helps your business attract more customers. You want to generate as many leads as possible, so targeting customers where they’re communicating most is a must.

Start sending text messages by keeping need of audience in mind and maintain a list of target audience. Once you are ready with your target audience list, send bulk SMS to people who are in the list. Develop strategies that are advantageous for your business or startups as well as for audience. You should:

  1. • Send your best services to target audience and categorize their need with age, gender, states, India and need.
  2. • Ask them for feedback or for a review from your valuable customers. Try to improve those services that are not good for your company.
SMS for Deals and Discount
Send special discount codes and other special promotions once the users sign up for your service. It is also a valuable addition for service-based businesses as well.

You see a lot of ads every day that you hardly ever notice, but you always notice an ad with the tag SALE or SPECIAL OFFER on it. Get the user to send you a text message and give them something like offers, discount in return, like if you have a restaurant, you can keep some daily specials that come with just an SMS. It always works, everyone likes some discount, OFF these days or something extra that they don’t have to pay for.

"Are you hungry? Come in today and get $50 off on your second complete Dinner order. We appreciate you!"

Once you are in the eyes of the customer, they will remember you, and they will return to you, if not today then probably tomorrow, to know if there is any other text that they can send. You need to be on their phones.
Customer Service
Prompt replies are what your customers need to get a taste of your great customer service.
Register for an Event
If you are a retailer that’s working on brand awareness, using Bulk SMS can help you drive up the sales. All you need to do is text messages to your customers with the registration form and then drive registrations. You can collect their email as soon as they opt in.

"Here's your link to the Ultimate Guide to Holiday Marketing for Retailers"
Prefer texts over calls
It is very likely that the person you are calling will attend your call or call you back after some time. No one has the time for that, but with text, in their text messages they can easily catch up with you whenever they want. The lesser the pressure on the client, the better they connect with you and your brand.
Ask for Reviews
Online reviews are a great way to drive more business. Just text your customers and invite them to leave a review of your establishment.
Follow UP Your Leads
Follow up with your customers. When they first sign up, send an auto reply to keep them interested and guide them into the sales funnel.

SMS marketing may be one of the best ways to respect prospects in certain cases. Emails don’t always offer a better response rate and there are greater chances of your mail delivering in the spam folder. Bulk SMS, on other hand reaches your target audience instantly and is read within three minutes of receiving the message. Follow the advice given in this article and start generating more leads for your B2B business via DIGINTRA SMS marketing service.