DIGINTRA offers a one-stop solution for wholesalers looking to facilitate superior messaging services to any network instantly, securely and in a cost-effective manner. Focused on meeting your requirements with a tailored and effective routing profile, our global experts address each individual wholesaler's challenges and needs.

Connect to us using HTTP, SMPP, or FTP or simply upload your numbers and click-send using our web service - no complicated setups or hardware required. With direct connections to over 122 carriers and more than 550 MNO’s in more than 100+ countries worldwide, Digintra consistently offers the highest quality and most stable routes.

Monitor and understand your broadcast message traffic through a cost effective and interactive web based interface.

Dedicated Sender IDs

Get a sender IDs like short-code, alphanumeric or long-code for your SMS. Take the next steps with Sender ID

All message (Contents) types supported

Login to your customer portal and start sending TEXT, flash messages, WAP push, long messages in any Country language.

Real-time Delivery

Check the delivery of your messages in real time. Start sending SMS without any programming - No Contracts Required.

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Flexible pricing model for your business needs

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Volume Discount As You Scale Pricing

Avail Pricing for large volume can go as low as you scale your usage.

Competitive Pricing across the globe

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Deliver one or 1 million messages, our enterprise messaging service can handle whatever the messaging.

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A one stop solution to your OTP transact. Our Transactional messaging API service can be solution for your OTP messaging.

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Easily interact with audience, no matter where they are and simplifies communication between customers

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